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Updated: May 1

For most people, when I say “fillers” they think of volumized lips, or feminisation of women’s faces but I want to try and change this perspective. Fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are for both men and women.

To all men out there, no matter what age you are, when you look at your face, what do you see that you would like to improve? Using a hyaluronic filler and/or anti-ageing injections in combination, I can help you achieve that look you desire.

Fillers are used to reshape and sculpt areas of the face such as the jawline and the chin. Another area that fillers can be used is temples, they can become hollow in appearance as part of the ageing process or for men who are very fit.

For men, the most important part of treatment is that they don’t want to look ‘treated’, they also want a confidential and a professional service. This is important. Being able to understand male faces, the proportions and what makes them different from female faces it important. As with women the mid face usually needs to be the starting point, at this part supports the whole face, then other areas can be enhanced from there.

‘Enhance’ is the foundation of all facial aesthetic work, it is not for me as an Advanced Prescribing Nurse Practitioner to change people BUT to enhance what features are already there. I have been working in this field for over 12 years, fully qualified, registered and insured, you can be assured you will be in safe hands.

Whatever your questions or thoughts, in confidence, if you would like to have a chat online, phone or message please feel free to get in touch. LG Medical Aesthetics.

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