Leona Gilhooley is Clinical Director of

LG Medical Aesthetics and is an Advanced Nurse Prescriber (ANP) with over a decade of experience and practice in the aesthetics arena. Leona’s nursing career started in 1988 and currently works full time as a Service Manager, NHS Forth Valley where professionalism, quality assurance and governance are paramount.
Her ethos is to provide quality treatments with quality products ensuring happy clients who return time and time again.
Advanced Nurse Prescriber Leona works at the highest level in her profession and has undertaken training and experience needed to understand the structure and function of the face and use the safest possible techniques available to reduce the risk of complications.

"I get regular anti wrinkle injections, I have always come to Leona (for over 7 years!). She is professional, honest, always listens to what I want and I highly  recommend her to all my male and female friends. Word of mouth is the best recommend-ation. I was lucky enough to work with Leona in her day job as an NHS Nurse Manager so I already knew she was very honest, confidential and not into the big sell. Leona really does want her clients to look and feel better about

themselves, that's why I keep coming back!"

"Friendly, professional and very informative. I get anti wrinkle injections which help my migraines. Leona keeps in touch to see how I'm getting on and I can contact her if I need anything. Leona is knowledgable and puts me at ease prior and during the procedure. It's surprisingly quick and painless with lasting results for my migraines. I would absolutely recommend


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"I was worried about having my lips done as I didn't want to look unnatural. Leona talked me through the process and reassured me. I am so glad I had the fillers done. No one can tell as they appear so natural and take years off me. Highly recommend Leona for fillers and botox."

"I can't recommend Leona and her eye for detail highly enough. I travel down from Inverness for treatments and she is worth every mile. Having had treatments from other clinics in the past there is really no comparison. Leona is an extremely knowledgable and highly trained practitioner who will recommend/advice what will work best for you. She has an excellent technique which provides you with a comfortable 

experience and I personally have had no bruising and very minimal swelling post treatment and I have had my lips done on several occasions, my cheeks and anti wrinkle injections for the past couple of years. Valuable aftercare advice is provided and does not end when you leave the clinic, Leona is proactive and quick to respond to any queries you may have. I'm already looking forward to my next visit, Leona is a perfectionist (which is not a bad thing when it comes to trusting someone with your face) and get flawless results every time. I promise you, you will NOT be disappointed." 



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