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Your Skin Care Routine Guide

Updated: May 1

A few tips and tricks from me on the ultimate skincare guide.

Don't over do it!

  • Whilst you should cleanse twice a dat, that is definitely more than enough otherwise you can strip your skin of too much.


  • Exfoliation is the best way to get rid of old, dead skin cells and make way for newer healthy ones. Apply a pea sized amount to damp skin using your finger tips.

  • Exfoliation also helps to refresh dull skin tone and can even out dark spots on the skin. Baby's skin takes 14 days to replenish itself completely. With ageing, the skin dries out a lot quicker and takes longer to replenish. If you don't want your skin to lose it's smoothness and glow, you need a good exfoliator to remove the build up of dead skin cells and start the renewal process. Make sure you use products that clean your skin without breaking it's natural barrier.


  • Toners help skin retain the perfect pH balance. Expertly developed to regulate oil production, tighten pores and calm irritated skin, our ZO Scientific toners and oil control skincare can be used morning and night to deliver an intense, long lasting treatment that addresses your skin care concerns.


  • Daily Power Defense, formulated with retinol, enzymes and antioxidants, this skin restorer helps to stabilise skin by repairing damaged cells and protecting skin against future damage.


  • Since it has the heaviest formula and its role is to shield skin from the external factors, your SPF should be applied last. Never forget to apply SPF! Regardless of rain or sun, indoors or outdoors, UV rays still penetrate and damage your skin. So you must stay protected. Smoking and unprotected sun exposure are the top reasons for premature ageing. Don't use a sunscreen with an SPF lower than 15, even if you don't burn easily.

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