LG Medical Aesthetics, Leona Gilhooley, is a true professional in the art of facial contouring and sculpting. Her passion in life is to make both men and women feel better about themselves through the way they look. She aims to help people become the best version of themselves by providing the correct advice and treatments she thinks they will need.

Discover skincare and treatments that can be tailored to you 


Prices may vary

Health Improvement Scotland (HIS) registered and fully insured.

Advanced Aesthetic Nurse prescriber with over 13 years medical aesthetics experience.

All appointments subject to consultation.


Anti Wrinkle injections


Anti Wrinkle injections to relax the muscles in your face, smoothing out lines and wrinkles. It can also be used to lift your brow and to reduce excessive sweating in underarms. 

  • Effects can take upto 10 days 

  • Prices include recommended 2 week review.


1 area - £160

2 areas - £190

3 areas - £240

4 areas - £270

5 areas - £300

Lip flip/pout - £60

Reduce Gummy smile - £60

Bunny Lines/Upper lip - £50

Brow lift - £180

Platysmal neck bands £240

Masseter Muscle reduction - £300

(teeth clenching/facial slimming)

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) - £300

Skin Treatments

Leona is fully trained and registered to prescribe world renowned ZO (Zein Obagi) skincare products. Consultation required.

DermaplaningPro Express - £50

DermaplaningPro + Retinol Peel - £90

Microneedling + Retinol Peel - £110

3 sessions DermaplaningPro + Microneedling

+ Retinol Peel - £450 (includes take home dermaroller)


Vitamin B12

Used to help reduce fatigue, boosts energy and can even promote weight loss.

B12 Booster shot - £30


Subtle Lip Filler (0.7ml Teoxane RHA Kiss) - £190

Full Lip Filler (1ml Teoxane Puresense Kiss) - £250

HA filler for natural lips and to smooth lip lines (1ml Teoxane RHA 2 or 3) - £230


Non Surgical Rhinoplasty (NSR) - £350 per session

Tear Troughs (TT) - £280 per session

  • Both may require 2 sessions


Cheeks 1ml (one area) - From £250

  • Can be used to improve the apples of your cheeks (projection) or for contouring your cheekbones


Redensity 1 Skin Boosting Filler (3mlx1) - £350

Profhilo Skin Boosting (2mls x 2) - £500

Temples, Brow Lift & Cheek Contour - from £450

Dissolving of fillers (subject to full consent) - £200


ELLANSÉ is a dual-action dermal filler that does
so much more than just correcting lines and folds.
It works fast to give visible results – then it gets to
work deep under the skin to tackle the real causes
of facial ageing. Prices from £350



Filler Packages

To provide structure and definition to faces where volume has been lost.

  • Effects of HA filler are seen immediately

Teoxane® Redensity I x 3ml

(face, neck lines) - £350

2 x 2ml Profhilo® treatments - £500

Necklines & Jaw Uplift - £350


Facial rejuvenation & volumising combo personalised packages available:

  • Cheeks, face augmentation

  • Sculpting

  • Anti-ageing

  • Lips and lip lines

  • Jawline, jowls, neck lines

  • Old hands, and more!


6mls plus - from £1000

5 x 1ml syringe package - from £900 

4 x 1ml syringe package - from £770

3 x 1ml syringe package - from £620

2 x 1ml syringe package - from £440 

1 x 1ml syringe package - from £250

  • 3, 2 and 1 packages don't include TTs or NSR

  • Packages only valid for individual use. All products to be used during the same session. Subject to full consultation to confirm justification for treatment.

Anti Wrinkle injections

 Areas we can target

  • Forehead lines

  • Crows feet

  • Frown lines

  • Sagging eyelids

  • Bunny lines

  • Gummy smile

  • Upper lip

  • Down turned mouth

  • Neck lines

  • Masseter muscle

Most of us will know that is it the frequent movement of the skin that starts to create those fine lines and crinkles none of us like to have. Some of us are blessed with baby smooth skin and a lot of us aren't quite so lucky!

At LGMA we use a series of injections to reduce the nerve messages sent to the muscles in the face and or neck that in turn stop our muscles from squeezing too tightly. The muscles are attached to our skin and by doing this our skin moves less, creating fewer lines.

This treatment takes between 4-10 days to work on a gradual basis. We recommend waiting at least 3 months between treatments. We don't want a face that doesn't move!


 Areas we can target

  • Cheeks

  • Lips

  • Jaw definition

  • Nasolabial lines

  • Smile lines

  • Temples

  • Neck and chest

  • Saggy skin

  • NSR

  • Old hands


The list is endless!

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring plantoid substance that is already present in your body that helps to hydrate and add volume to your skin. Over time (around 12-18 months) these are naturally dissolved  into water by your body. We like to use these fillers because they are completely reversible.


LGMA uses Teoxane® fillers. The UK number one filler (2021) for being a true 3D filler and can be reversed very easily as they are not permanent fillers.

ELLANSÉ is a dual-action dermal filler that does
so much more than just correcting lines and folds.
It works fast to give visible results – then it gets to
work deep under the skin to tackle the real causes
of facial ageing.

Fillers are used to plump up and enhance areas that have lost fullness and volume. As we get older we tend to lose this fullness in our bones, fat and skin, which creates that saggy look that we don't like. All we want to do is replace some of that lost volume to create a fresh, beautiful face. Changes will always be subtle but beautiful, you don't always have to look dramatically different with facial fillers.

Screenshot 2020-04-19 at 13.29.56.png
Reshape & Realign


Non Surgical Rhinoplasty is becoming ever more popular. Using filler to smooth, reshape and realign, we can give you a nose that you love again that enhances your gorgeous face. 


Trained by Dr Ash Labib, ENT Consultant. Lasts around 12 -18 months. 

Less Is More

Lip Filler

Many women are scared of having lip filler done as they see so many people who have had bad fillers. This is simply down to poor technique. Done well the results should look subtle and natural. No one should be able to spot that you have had your lips plumped up.

Hydrate & Boost

Skin Boosting

Injected just under the skin amino acids, vitamins and hyaluronic acids in these specific fillers help to hydrate and last for  6-9 months. Beautiful results for those who need extra glow or a little more smoothing of crinkles around the eyes or mouth. Combined with retinol and microneedling this is the ultimate treatment for all skincare needs.

Other Treatments

Dermaplaning Pro Express

Get smooth, hair free, glowing skin, a treatment that is well sought after. Remove dead skin cells and 'peach fuzz' to reveal fresh healthy skin. An effective and safe exfoliation procedure. No downtime and skin is party ready.

DermaplaningPro + Retinol Peel

Great for it's anti ageing benefits, retinol can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Pairing this with our DermaplaningPro treatment this will 

give you extra glowy smooth skin!


+ Retinol Peel

Medical treatment where a small micro needle roller is used all over your face for anti-ageing, anti-scarring and stretch marks - this treatment makes your skin work and heal.

(3-6 sessions required,

buy 3 get 1 free)


+ Microneedling + Retinol Peel

The best treatment for acne scarring, current/active acne flare ups and anti-ageing. Includes take home micro needle roller.


(3-6 sessions required,

buy 3 get 1 free)

Skin Treatments